CAMTFCombined Arms MOUT Task Force
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The CAMTF's efforts during the past two years have been unique in the sense that simultaneous doctrine and training revisions for the Army have been completed throughout the major commands in both the active and reserve components.
For further information contact John Bastone, Project Manager, CAMTF, (706) 545-5827, DSN: 835-5827,; or Jeff Arneson, Training Strategy Implementation, CAMTF, (706) 545-0134, DSN: 835-0134, e-mail,
The A*E*A, in conjunction with the CAMTF. ASAE, SAE and ISO plans to have the critical components of the IPC standard -- the data dictionaries -- completed by the 1997 harvest.
Current CAMTF and A*E*A efforts focus on separate parts of the problem.
The lower portion of Figure 1 summarizes, at one level, the CAMTF work and standards series SAE J1939 and ISO 11783 development.