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CAMUCorrective Action Management Unit
CAMUColorado Association of Municipal Utilities (Colorado Springs, CO)
CAMUCentral Airspace Management Unit (Air Traffic and Navigation Services; South Africa)
CAMUConcurrent Assembly Mock-Up
CAMUCanberra Area Medical Unit
CAMUCommunication Audio Management Unit (Racal)
CAMUCertified Ambassador Mortgage Underwriter (National Association of Mortgage Underwriters)
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In addition, the final rule establishes more specific information requirements for CAMU applications and provides for notice and hearing opportunities for members of the public living within the vicinity of the CAMU.
He pointed out that Camus at the time of his death had a return ticket from his home in Provence to Paris where he was intending to spend the Christmas holidays with his family.
Third and most important is the question of whether Camus and Levinas define the interpersonal in the same way.
Camus is just one legendary French author whose works have been translated into Bulgarian, along with Jean-Paul Sartre and Honore de Balzac, Emile Zola and other, perhaps less celebrated names: Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jacques Derrida, Marguerite Yourcenar, Patrick Modiano and Michel Tournier.
front of me, cigarette dangling out and so on--that Camus would ask me
Camus worked as a journalist for a variety of French publications and in his lifetime published novels, plays, essay collections, and other non-fiction works.
As Camus observes, "to stake all on contemplation is only valid for a world that is once and for all eternal and harmonious.
Not only do Le Clezio and Camus remain staunchly unrepentant in their respective elegies to human corporality, but they also envision these instants of sheer, immeasurable intoxication as a remedy for the human condition itself.
He does not think Camus intended to belittle Jesus by indirectly comparing him to Meursault.
Judge Gerald Clifton jailed Camus for 18 weeks, but ordered the time he has already served to count.
What can be said at the outset is that the additional twenty years of life lived by Sartre after the demise of Camus did not stand him in good stead.
EADS chief executive Philippe Camus revealed the news during a aerospace industry event in Tokyo last week.