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CAN-SPAMControlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 (proposed US spam legislation)
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Only 143 of the 1,040 messages contained the information mandated by the CAN-SPAM law, according to the study.
How to stay CAN-SPAM compliant when incorporating email into a multi-channel strategy for customer acquisition
The court held that the emails did not violate the CAN-SPAM Act because while some false and misleading information was included, the information was not materially false and misleading as required by the statute.
A CAN-SPAM Informant Reward System: A Report to Congress is available through Security Management Online.
At ExactTarget, we like to say that 'Subscribers Rule', and abiding by the CAN-SPAM Act is a great way to show your subscribers how much you value them and their business," said Tim Kopp, chief marketing officer for ExactTarget.
Among other things, CAN-SPAM requires a working opt-out link and physical mailing address to be included in each email.
com liable for violations of three separate provisions of the federal CAN-SPAM Act including:
President Bush signed the CAN-SPAM Act into law on December 16, 2003.
CAN-SPAM can be enforced by federal agencies, attorneys general and ISPs.
The CAN-SPAM Act, intended to choke off the onslaught of junk e-mail, has generated copious commentary, criticism, congressional statements, and controversy.
As expected, President Bush has signed into law the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, creating the first federal restrictions on unsolicited commercial e-mail.
But it was not immediately clear how similar the bill is to the CAN-SPAM Act, already passed by the Senate.