CANACINTRACamara Nacional de la Industria de Transformacion (Spanish:National Chamber of Transformation Industries, Mexico)
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CANACINTRA Chairman Raul Picard Del Prado, Vice Chairman Yeidckol Polevnsky Gurwitz and National Vice Chairman for International Affairs Lino Landeros Santos will be featured at the June 15 conference, Mexico's Business Revolution under President Fox: Bringing US and Mexican Companies Together at the Westin Tabor Center.
At the end of next month, we should define whether more imports are required and under which conditions," CANACINTRA official Hector de la Cadena told Reuters in early April.
Alejandro Alvarado, who chairs the medications and pharmaceuticals committee of CANACINTRA, said the Mexican government is partly at fault because it favors the lower-priced imports.
The CANACINTRA request is not unprecedented because the Fox administration took steps both in 2001 and 2002 to reduce the price of gas for the private sector (see SourceMex, 2001- 01-17 and 2002-03-06).