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CANADARMCanada Arm (robotic arm of space shuttles and Alpha space station)
CANADARMCanada Remote Manipulator
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corn reports, Canadarm 2 is "strong enough to snatch one of NASA's winged spaceships out of orbit and then dock it to the International Space Station.
Non seulement, les prix des entreprises canadiennes se retrouvent au plus bas - ainsi Canadarm a ete rachetee la semaine derniere.
On the trivial side, Canadians and Canada can take credit for the McIntosh apple, ginger ale, the robotic Canadarm on space shuttles (let's face it, only Canadians know or care about this thing), the invention of the telephone, green ink, the paint roller, half of Superman, the zipper, and, well, the game of Trivial Pursuit.
The altimeter was built by MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, which also made the space shuttle remote manipulator system called the Canadarm.
The Dragon spacecraft is scheduled to detach from the Earth-facing side of the station's Harmony module and release through commands sent by ground controllers in mission control at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston operating the Canadarm 2 robotic arm.
Liberal MP Marc Garneau, Canada's first astronaut and former head of the Canadian Space Agency, is "ticked off" that he wasn't invited to an event Thursday for the opening of the Canadarm exhibit at Ottawa's space museum.
On a second trip in space, he operated the Canadarm and walked in space.
They handed the facility to the shuttle s Canadarm and moved the station s arm into position for installation.
Having patented this technology around the world, Baiden says it could eventually allow for the operation of space tools such as the Canadarm from the Earth's surface.
Canadarm 2, which is used on the International Space Station, is even larger and stronger and features a robotic hand that can do precision work.
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