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CANADARMCanada Arm (robotic arm of space shuttles and Alpha space station)
CANADARMCanada Remote Manipulator
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It is a Roll-Pitch-Pitch-Pitch-Roll configuration which can be considered as a simplified version of Canadarm 2 and ERA.
Military Contractor's Bid for Canadarm and Satellite Sparks Fears We May Endanger Our Sovereignty, TORONTO STAR, Apr.
She will also operate both Canadarms, and a Japanese one.
They installed and activated the S3/S4 truss segment with the help of Archambault, Forrester and Expedition 15 flight engineer Oleg Kotov, manipulating the Canadarm from inside the space station.
Canada's earliest contribution to space exploration was the Alouette 1 space satellite in 1962; it followed with more satellites and garnered major attention with the Canadarm, or Remote Manipulator System, first used on the space shuttle in 1981.
Robotics (notably the Canadarm), with potential industrial and hence economic benefits on Earth, were the second.
(35) Accordingly, emphasis was placed on activities which could encourage Canadian manufacturing and projects such as the development of Canadarm and satellite communications and mapping overshadowed more venerable activities like ionosphere research.
Recently, the space shuttle Endeavor delivered Canadarm 2 to the International Space Station.
It not only puts Canadian prices at bargain basement levels, as with the Canadarm last week.
On the trivial side, Canadians and Canada can take credit for the McIntosh apple, ginger ale, the robotic Canadarm on space shuttles (let's face it, only Canadians know or care about this thing), the invention of the telephone, green ink, the paint roller, half of Superman, the zipper, and, well, the game of Trivial Pursuit.
"The precision of that Canadarm is astonishing, how's that possible?
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