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CANARYCellular Analysis and Notification of Antigen Risks and Yields
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"I flew about beneath the green palms and the blossoming almond-trees," sang the Canary; "I flew around, with my brothers and sisters, over the beautiful flowers, and over the glassy lakes, where the bright water-plants nodded to me from below.
Do you no longer remember the sweet fruits, and the cooling juice in the wild plants of our never-to-be-forgotten home?" said the former inhabitant of the Canary Isles, continuing his dithyrambic.
"O warm spicy land of my birth," sang the Canary bird; "I will sing of thy dark-green bowers, of the calm bays where the pendent boughs kiss the surface of the water; I will sing of the rejoicing of all my brothers and sisters where the cactus grows in wanton luxuriance."
"Poor little Danish grey-bird," said the Canary; "you have been caught too.
The frightened Canary fluttered about in his cage; the Parrot flapped his wings, and cried, "Come, let us be men!" The Clerk felt a mortal fright, and flew through the window, far away over the houses and streets.
While he was doing this, another man with an equally tender conscience (they had both been foremost in throwing down the canary birds for roasting alive), took his seat on the parapet of the house, and harangued the crowd from a pamphlet circulated by the Association, relative to the true principles of Christianity!
"By my soul, Jarndyce," he said, very gently holding up a bit of bread to the canary to peck at, "if I were in your place I would seize every master in Chancery by the throat tomorrow morning and shake him until his money rolled out of his pockets and his bones rattled in his skin.
But the canary underground recalls the mine canaries in their cages, brought along to warn of poison in the air.
Weinert about his short film series, which includes Canary and the Coal Mine.
Buckingham will be battling it out in a strong elite field in the inaugural race at Canary Wharf.
Then Google announced yet another channel , the Canary channel, that is updated very frequently, and is prone to break as the updates are delivered without any manual testing at all.
Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero "expressed great interest that the first initiatives [in golf tourism] should be from the Canary Islands," said Paulino Rivero, president of the autonomous province, during a Feb.