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CANBUSController Area Network Bus
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Centralized locations for I/O data processing, acquisition and distribution that can be shared over Ethernet, MIL-STD-1553, CANBus, Serial or ARINC429 buses requires less wiring, which reduces EMI/EMC susceptibility and SWaP, increasing system reliability.
One transducer supplier, anticipating wider adoption of this type of control architecture, recently developed a CANbus interface for its linear position sensors.
The Squarell device then reads the CANbus of the vehicles it knows without compromising its functions.
Research on the Multi-Sensors Perceptual System of a Wearable Power Assist Leg Based on CANBUS.
The truck's electrical system utilizes CANbus Technology to reduce wiring and connections.
The cameras can be configured to link to specific functions, such as shifting into reverse or engaging the unloading tube, through the combine's CANbus system.
These options include LAN, RS 232 and Canbus connectivity, 4-20 mA and 0-5 V analogue outputs, and relay contacts which can switch 5 A at up to 24 V dc.
R-Series sensors provide absolute, linear position measurement and noncontact sensing technology with high-performance protocols including SSI, DeviceNet, Profibus DR CANbus, and EtherCAT.
The ID-CCU controller communicates with the engine via CANBUS (J1939).
CraneSTAR processing capabilities come from a Manitowoc-engineered telematics control unit which monitors major crane functions and provides operational data taken from the crane's proprietary CANbus network.
This innovative new web-configurable interface is designed to provide coverage for the vast majority of new vehicles because it supports multiple CANBUS, J1850 and Class 2 databus protocols.