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CANBUSController Area Network Bus
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* Flexible connectivity with 1 COM or CANbus, 2 USB and 2 GbE LAN ports
FARO module, designed in mini PCIe form factor, comes with CANbus 2.0a/b, OBDII, J1939, or J1708 protocols, depending upon user request.
Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd (TYO: 7262), a Japan-based automaker, has revealed details of the Move Canbus light car.
Running off of the CanBus system on the drill, it acts like an electronic depth counter and drill monitoring system in one, picking up information that sensors monitor in different parts of the machine such as the motor, compressor, rotary head, tracks, etc.
Optional CANbus programming enables for connection of the charger into machine communication systems.
For their three new delivery vehicles, Frankonia specified the SevenEye Vehicle Tracking equipment from Seven Telematics, as well as upgrading the tracking system to include CANbus Integration for enhanced driver and vehicle performance data.
CANBUS can be accessed locally or remotely with simple devices.
For example, all new cars are equipped with a technology called CANBUS, located under the steering wheel, allowing anyone to check the health of a vehicle and to control it.
CANbus compatible, this new IO module features 9 digital inputs 6 digital outputs (4 transistor outputs with high speed capability, and 2 relay outputs).
Isotrak is equipping all of the retailer's HGVs with its unique CANBus module that enables real-time capture and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI) to help the Booths' team focus on improving mpg, idling time, use of cruise control and braking.
Furthermore, the Q4000 introduces other new capabilities such as automatically routing data through the most-efficient wireless network and CANBUS integration.
Data transmission by CAT 5 and 6, Ethernet IEEE 802.3, Profibus, lnterbus and CANbus; up to 2 contact carriers of eight poles per module.