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CANCANContract Negotiation and Charging in ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) Networks
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Blown away by the red windmill The Moulin Rouge has been the most famous cabaret in the world since 1889 thanks to the cancan.
She beat China's number one seed Ren Cancan over four two-minute rounds in front of a packed crowd in the first ever women's Olympic boxing final.
The noise was like thunder from the 10,000-strong crowd inside east London's ExCeL Olympic arena as the Leeds flyweight beat her arch-rival China's Cancan Ren 16-7 to win gold.
Adams weighed down Chinese champion Ren Cancan at the ExCeL Centre, knocking down her opponent in the second round and dominating the flyweight fight to win by 16 points to 7.
Nicola Adams became the first women in history to win an Olympic boxing gold medal as she defeated Ren Cancan of China to win Great Britain's 24th gold medal of the London 2012 Olympics.
Meme apres sa demission et son incarceration, la sante de l'ancien patron de l'Egypte fait toujours l'objet d'un cancan populaire et mediatique.
The Indian will not have it easy against the likes of China's twotime world champion Ren Cancan who is also the reigning world champion.
The selection equally includes a heritage film out of competition, French Cancan by Jean Renoir.
Kylie Minogue, DJ David Guetta and the cancan girls from Paris' Crazy Horse cabaret regaled the gathered hundreds of fashion glitterati.
The Moulin Rouge, created in 1889, is one of the oldest cabarets in Paris and is the birthplace of the renowned French cancan.
It includes, of course, an obligatory performance of the Cancan.
Aburrido de tanto viajar para visitar a otros jefes de Estado, el presidente Calderon decidio traerse a una bola de ellos a la Riviera Maya, ese Cancun creado por LEA antes de que el Cancan, Jolopo, lo mandara a las Islas Fidji.