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CANDIECommercial And Non-Developmental Item Electric
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The suspects said they had learned how to spike candies with marijuana in YouTube.
The man went from one classroom to another classroom and began offering candies to the young students.
Last July, authorities in South Darfur destroyed 35 tonnes of expired and rotten goods including candies containing carcinogenic substances.
Blue Candies brings back the Daisy Duke with a modern hip sexy appeal.
So, wait until you can create a combo out of the candies to give you a power candy.
One-third ate candies with small amounts of the dead bacteria, a second group took candies laced with higher levels, and a third ate bacteria-free candies.
The store featured a wide assortment of Schnucks Sweet Shop candies and advertised the products' "10 for $10" sale price with prominent on-shelf signage.
PEZ also produces chocolate- and cola-flavor candies and a line of tart candies called Pez Sourz.
To cope with the high demand, many vendors set up temporary stalls just for selling candies and nuts.
Mike end Ike chewy fruit-flavoured candies first appeared in the US back in 1940.
XyliMelts are candies that stick to teeth or gums and slowly release xylitol.
Confectionary or hard candies were first produced in the country by small industries with simple technology.