CANDLChurch and Neighbourhood Development in London (UK; Barnardo's)
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If CandL grade equaled to or were greater than III, intubation was conducted with adjunct of a fiberoptic bronchoscope (FOB).11 The primary outcome was the glottis view rating according to the CandL classification scale and the secondary outcome was successful establishment of an endotracheal airway.
Of the patients with CandL Grade-I glottic view, 88 were subjected to Airtraq laryngoscopy and five to Macintosh laryngoscopy; Of the patients with CandL Grade-II glottic view, 56 were subjected to Airtraq laryngoscopy and 21 to Macintosh bronchoscopy; Of the patients with CandL Grade-III glottic view, three were subjected to Airtraq laryngoscopy and 112 to Macintosh bronchoscopy; Of the patients with CandL Grade-IV glottic view, none was subjected to Airtraq laryngoscopy and 9 to Macintosh laryngoscopy (Table-III, Fig.2).
The CandL grading system, although originally designed to compare glottic views of Macintosh laryngoscopy, provided a useful comparison of the direct and indirect laryngoscopic views.
With airtraq laryngoscopy, patients with CandL Grade-III using Macintosh laryngoscopy became Grade I or II, of which, the grade of 52.7% patients improved to I and that of 46.4% patients improved to II.
CANDL directly attacked the primary support for the library in its public campaigns by highlighting what it believed to be the true nature of the library.
Nixon's perceived immorality was CANDL's primary objection to the project and many of their mass media campaigns reflected this.
SCAReU distributed brochures and mass mailings (much like CANDL) and used sensationalism to get their message to the public.
At Duke, the public machinations of CANDL and calls for open debate from the faculty show how library critics sought to try their case in the wide court of public opinion.
CandL, founded in November and pronounced "candle," offers ISP services to cities with local access to the 451 telephone prefix such as Pea Ridge, Garfield and Gateway.
The brand brings together two young moms, Lucien Lao Villaruz and Monica Manzano, who share CandL's passion for traveling.
CandL met Lucien in one of L'Indochine's workshops.