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CANDOCouncil for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
CANDOChicago Association of Neighborhood Development Organizations
CANDOConverse Area New Development Organization (Douglas, WY)
CANDOCentral Area Neighborhood Development Organization (Minneapolis, MN)
CANDOChild Abuse and Neglect Do Tank (Ohio)
CANDOCOTS Affordable Near-Term Deficiency Correction ORDALT Plan
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The president's position is not hands-on in the administration of CANDO, but rather oversees the administration or the operation of CANDO at an arm's length," she said.
Chief Jules was also awarded the CANDO Economic Developer of the Year.
The Gitksan and Wet'suwet'en Economic Development Corporation was the smallest organization to receive a CANDO economic development recognition award at the national conference.
CANDO president, Angie Stewart, said the awards announcement was her favorite part of the conference as she presented the winners to conference delegates who were to vote for the developer of the year.
30, 2010 (CENS) -- With its cutting-edge in-cell multi touch technology, the Taiwan-based CANDO Corp.
26 the delegates cast their ballots, and with that the Kitsaki Development Corporation was voted 1997 CANDO Economic Developer of the Year Award winner.
The CANDO recognition award follows the Fort McMurray 1996 Small Business of the Year award that he received on Oct.
Chief Louie received the recognition at the annual CANDO Economic Development Conference, held in Yellowknife, N.
The Economic Development Officers Network and Indian Brook First Nation put out the welcome mat for CANDO.
We were very pleased and honored to be nominated for the CANDO Economic Developer of the Year award.
I will ensure that our Economic Development Secretariat and my office continues to work with CANDO to see how we can find more common ground to support each other's goals.
Displays of the product at other conferences have been successful, but the demonstration at the CANDO conference proved invaluable.