CANECCalifornia Network of Educational Charters
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In addition, CANEC has established regional networks to support the accreditation program along with the development of quality charter schools.
In her role as the Executive Director of CANEC, Sue took a nascent movement and made charter schools into a powerful tool for educational reform.
Much of Sue's vision went into the transition of CANEC into the California Charter Schools Association -- her desire to take the charter school movement to an even higher level of effectiveness on behalf of California's school children.
CANEC has organized a wide range of breakout sessions on topics that include accountability, instruction, governance, facilities and finance.
As of September 2002, a total of 436 public charter schools are operating in California, serving more than 166,000 students, according to CANEC.
The program, a partnership between CANEC and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), aims to raise the standards for charter schools operating throughout the state.
As California's charter school association we believe the lawsuit filed by Sequoia to avoid its responsibility to provide Aurora High School a facility is outrageous," said Sue Bragato, executive director of CANEC.
This will prove to be one of the biggest wins for charter schools since charter school law was enacted," said Sue Bragato, Executive Director of CANEC.
The more Californians know about charter schools, they more they believe they are the best way to improve opportunities for children across the state," said Sue Bragato, Executive Director of CANEC.
In order to reassure the public and policy makers that charter schools are operating in adherence with the law, CANEC is calling upon every charter school in California to publicly re-affirm their commitment to high-quality education and to publicly share this affirmation with their legislators.
CANEC urges all charter schools to educate the families they serve about the importance of their children's participation in STAR testing, and to strongly encourage all students to participate in STAR testing.