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CANESConsolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services
CANESCentre for Advanced Numerical Engineering Simulations
CANESCenter for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (Department of Nuclear Science and Technology; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
CANESClassical and Near Eastern Studies (various schools)
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Two or three times I endeavoured to insinuate myself between the canes, and by dint of coaxing and bending them to make some progress; but a bull-frog might as well have tried to work a passage through the teeth of a comb, and I gave up the attempt in despair.
Nicholas assisted his master to put on an old fustian shooting- jacket, which he took down from a peg in the passage; and Squeers, arming himself with his cane, led the way across a yard, to a door in the rear of the house.
His first half-hour is occupied in trying to decide whether to wear his light suit with a cane and drab billycock, or his black tails with a chimney-pot hat and his new umbrella.
His thoughts were certainly still occupied with Frederic Larsan's new cane. I had proof of that when, as we came near to Epinay, he said:
Monsieur de Chavigny handed his cane to Monsieur de Beaufort.
"The cane," he resumed, wiping his prodigious mat of face hair with the back of his hand.
That David continuing to rejoice exceedingly in his word, the father spoke darkly of a cane, but the mother rushed between the combatants.
"I, senor!" returned the old man; "why, is this cane worth ten gold-crowns?"
Bumble spoke, he raised his cane to the bill above him, and gave three distinct raps upon the words 'five pounds': which were printed thereon in Roman capitals of gigantic size.
Having delivered this oration with a great many waves and flourishes of the hand, Mr Swiveller abruptly thrust the head of his cane into his mouth as if to prevent himself from impairing the effect of his speech by adding one other word.
He then showed me the cane, and asked me what I thought of THAT, for a tooth?
But in Italy I am Marco Facino Cane, Prince of Varese."