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CANESConsolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services
CANESCentre for Advanced Numerical Engineering Simulations
CANESCenter for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (Department of Nuclear Science and Technology; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
CANESClassical and Near Eastern Studies (various schools)
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Two or three times I endeavoured to insinuate myself between the canes, and by dint of coaxing and bending them to make some progress; but a bull-frog might as well have tried to work a passage through the teeth of a comb, and I gave up the attempt in despair.
It is a fast-growing plant, but it is surely inconceivable that this body could have been here while the canes grew to be twenty feet in length.
His grey gloves were a shade bluer, his silver-knobbed cane a shade longer than scores of such gloves and canes flapped and flourished about the theatres and the restaurants.
on the Christmas cards), with their curly hair and natty hats, their well-shaped legs incased in smalls, their dainty Hessian boots, their ruffling frills, their canes and dangling seals.
Some cans were filled from the holy river, some canes cut from its banks, and then we mounted and rode reluctantly away to keep from freezing to death.
Within ten minutes the multitude was in an uproar of enthusiasm--handkerchiefs were waved, canes were flourished, hats were tossed in the air.
I always ran when I saw the old man tottering along on his two canes.
following with a pair of canes, entered the room and proclaimed silence.
On both hands the road is bordered by the lofty forest- trees, with their bases matted together by canes.
He was a dissipated-looking youth with a gorgeous red necktie all awry, as if he had slept in it, and he kept fidgeting and lashing about with one of those little jointed canes.
The master mounted into the high desk by the door, and one of the prepostors of the week stood by him on the steps, the other three marching up and down the middle of the school with their canes, calling out, "Silence, silence
However, we began to increase, and our land began to come into order; so that the third year we planted some tobacco, and made each of us a large piece of ground ready for planting canes in the year to come.