CANEWSCanadian Naval Electronic Warfare System
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According to Ed Derbyshire, MEL's director of corporate development, and Alan Sewards, chief scientist, CANEWS operates in the surveillance and threat warning bands.
As mentioned previously, work is already underway to upgrade the CANEWS system.
It would also be ideal to fuse the data gathered by CANEWS II with other sensors to improve command and control.
Once the upgrade is completed, the Navy hopes CANEWS II will be data-base driven, capable of processing most inputs in real time, able to associate platforms to emitters and emitters to scenarios via artificial intelligence and make it possible to integrate all information with the command and control system.
But CANEWS and Ramses are not the only efforts in which MEL is involved.
MEL's strongest ties are with the Canadian Navy, through the CANEWS, Ramses and AOR programs mentioned previously; it was set up in 1981 as part of the CANEWS deal, then won the production contract for the system over prime system developer Westinghouse Canada.