CANEXCanadian Experiments
CANEXCanadian Forces Exchange System
CANEXCancelled Exercise (US Navy)
CANEXCanadian Expatriate
CANEXCasualty Canceled
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It was a new discovery of a gold rich quartz vein found under shallow cover that initially attracted CANEX to the property and it is exciting to know that shortly we be on the ground with equipment that will allow us to expose, evaluate, and potentially expand that discovery.'
CANEX has submitted a reclamation bond for the proposed work, and our Notice of Exploration Work is advancing through the permitting process.
A total of 78 surface chip and grab samples have been taken by CANEX on the property, the samples range in gold values from trace to 31.2 g/t, with an un-capped average for all 78 samples of 3.1 g/t gold.
CaneX is now working with sugar planters, associations and mills to support them in modernizing their equipment, practices, and processes.
CaneX builds the capacity of local sugar to cope with the adverse effects of climate change by providing more information on the latest farming techniques that will give them a more efficient yield and harvest.
At present, CaneX is used in farms in Negros, Bukidnon, Cavite and Batangas.
In addition, this model employs the Markov assumption developed by Danaher (1992) to convolute the joint-exposure distribution, as estimated using the CANEX model (Danaher, 1991), with each conditional distribution to form the final collapsed exposure distribution.
"The country's sugar output for 2017 to 2018 declined due to a drastic drop of labor and unfavorable weather conditions," CaneX managing partner Sebastian Ledesma said.
Through the Filipino-designed CaneX trucks, mechanized cane harvesters and loaders are expected to cut hauling, harvesting, and loading time, allowing farmers to focus on growing crops.