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CANGCanada Goose (bird species)
CANGCalifornia Air National Guard
CANGColegio de Abogados Y Notarios de Guatemala (Spanish: College of Lawyers and Notaries of Guatemala)
CANGColorado Air National Guard (US DoD)
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Tianyige cang shu wen hua de li shi guiji he fa zhan [History and development of book collecting of the Tianyige Library].
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon/Wo Hu Cang Long (2000), a Chinese-language sword fighting period or wu xia film, has generated a plethora of popular and critical Western film criticism that responds to the physically strong Asian woman warrior.
The rhizomes of Cang Xu (atractylodes lancea) and a related plant, Bai Xu (atractylodes macrocephalia) have been used for at least 2000 years in China for the removal of dark spots on the face and hands and skin whitening liniments.
In the television serials, Hong Kong's Suffering Experience (Xiang Gang Cang Sang) run throughout China on the eve of Hong Kong's return, it was revealed that British prime minister Thatcher, in negotiating with China, instructed her delegation to request the continuation of British administration of Hong Kong after 1997.
The writer who expresses this concept in a more direct and for Westerners undoubtedly more offensive way is Liu Heng, in his Canghe bairi meng (Daydream on the Cang River), published in 1993.
In Hung Liu: Offerings, Liu's installations Jiu Jin Shan and Tai Cang serve as memorials to the past while acknowledging rapidly changing cultural dynamics in contemporary China.
Qinghua daxue cang Zhanguo zhujian (san) [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], ed.
It will be included in Vinhomes Central Park, a 43ha project in the Tan Cang Area of Binh Thanh District, on which construction has started since July, the representative said.
For licensed games, we have made good progress in the localization of Cang Tian 2.
BACHELOR OF ARTS IN BUSINESS, FINANCE Maha Ibrahim E M Ahmed, An Tong, Harmony Ugochukwu Anorue, Shihua Bao, Hui Yu Cang, Nan Chen, Tingting Chen, Xiao Ding, Kewei Fang, Jian Gao, Yang Gao, Xiaolin Guo, Ian Harland, Shijie Hou, Cheng Jiang Jiang, Jing Lai, Cheng Li, Qingfeng Li, Haonan Liu, Hong Liang Peng, Olenga Emile Putu, Tian Ruihua, Cheng Wang, Jin Wang, Wenjuan Wang, Xufeng Wang, Xin Wei, Tao Wen, Tian Yi Xie, Xianting Xie, Xuehao Xie, Zhe Xing, Kaiyuan Xu, Tian Xu, Zhen Zhen Xu, Haojie Ye, Hao Yu, Huibo Zhang, Jialin Zhang, Jian Zhang, Kai Zhang, Tianyu Zhang, Kaijie Zhao, Zhu Langye.
Also, with musical performances by Tony Lowe, Pat Orchard, Joe Cang, Jeanette Murphy and Two Spot Gobi.