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CANHCanine Handler
CANHConditional Access Network Handler
CANHCommunity and Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association, Inc.(Australia)
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However, Canh et al [4] found no significant effect in fecal VFA between a treatment that included 300 g/kg of sugar beet pulp and a control treatment.
In the first quarter of the year, the department offered consultancy to Tri Canh to set up its showroom, design its logo and make new products.
In Dai song xa hoi Viet Nam duong dai: Tinh canh song cua ngudi cong nhan: than phan, rui ro, va chien luoc song [Contemporary Vietnamese social life: Living conditions of workers: Destiny, risks and livelihood strategies], edited by Nguyen Due Loc, pp.
Mr Y never regained consciousness and was kept alive by CANH.
Van de Phaply va The che ve Chinh sach Canh tranh va Kiem soat Doc quyen
Pham Van Canh, Vice chairman of Long An People's Committee said the success opens the way for the province's fruit to enter other choosy markets.
Also see Nghi Quyet, Bien Ban, Bao Cao, Cong Van Cua Ban Kinb Te CP, Ban Van Hoa Xa Hoi, Bo Noi Vu, Bo Canh Nong, Bo Cong Thuong, Uy Ban Khang Chieti Hanh Chinh Cac Tinh Ve Tinh Hinh Doi Va Cong Tac Phong Chong Doi 1953 [Resolutions, Minutes, Reports, and Official Correspondence of the Department of Economics, Department of Culture and Society, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry, and Provincial Resistance Committees on famine situation and work of fighting famine], TTLTQG3, Phong Phu Thu Tuong [PPTT] 2855 [File 2855 from the Office of the Prime Minister],
Credit unions should work on getting fraud warnings sooner, warned Canh Tran, CEO of the Chicago-based fraud technology company Rippleshot.
The Vietnamese Marine Police (Canh sat bien Viet Nam) was established in 1998 under the then Ministry of Defense (MoD) as an arm of the Vietnam People's Navy (VPN).
[15] determine the sampling rate of each block depending on varying block variance; Canh et al.
By comparison with excavated examples recovered from the Pontian River in Pahang, Malaysia, and Go-Hang and Canh Den in Vietnam, he dates it to the fourth to fifth centuries.