CANIFCarbon And Nitrogen Cycling In Forest Ecosystems
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President Aziz empowered the Office of the Inspector General of the State and the CANIF to lead efforts to identify, prevent, and reduce corrupt practices and financial crimes, including financial crimes linked to narcotics and terrorist finance networks.
Somewhat insolently comparing the recent attempt on Louis XV's life and what he claims are liberties taken over the publication of his own works, Voltaire exclamas: 'Il faut avouer que depuis quelque tems on a fait a Paris des choses bien horribles avec la plume & le canif' ('One must admit that for some time very horrible things have been done in Paris with the pen and the knife.').
Mauritania has two offices primarily responsible for combating the traffic of drugs: The Office to Combat Trafficking in Illicit and Psychotropic Substances, established in 2005, and "La Commission d'Analyse des Informations Financieres" (CANIF), established in 2008, which is the equivalent of a financial intelligence unit.