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CANISCommunity Architectures for Network Information Systems
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2012: Current status and distribution of golden jackals Canis aureus in Europe.
canis affects the active macrophages (intracellular) during infection, causing the growth of lymph node nodules and reticuloendothelial cell hyperplasia.
canis infeksiyonu yonunden sirasiyla 31/566 (%5.4) ve 24/566 (%4.2) oranda pozitif saptandi.
canis ova in soils of public areas of a broader region of Athens, the capital and most populated city of Greece, as well as to estimate the seroprevalence of human toxocariasis in healthy residents.
canis infection is the most common cause of reproductive failure in dogs, it should be ruled out before investigating other causes of infertility or abortion (13).
Peripheral blood smear examination showed both morula of Ehrlichia canis in monocytes and piroplasms of Babesia canis in RBCs (Fig.
canis is the cause, "griseofulvin is the drug of choice," along with a twice-weekly spermicidal shampoo, she said.
One of our main topics in last month's column was Epsilon ([epsilon]) Canis Majoris, or Adhara.
These stars are Beta Canis Major and Epsilon Canis Major, about 500 light-years and 450 light-years away, respectively.