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CANNYCommunity Accounting Network North Yorkshire (UK)
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I trow the woman's the canny string o' the twa--and we'll een try the twanging of her."
Much they learned of women in the ends of the earth, these seafaring sons, yet a canny wisdom was theirs and they never brought wives home with them.
4.28 (480m): Canny Cassi, Juicy Everest, Alnwick Knight, Target Rena, Highclere Spirit, Alnwick Mark.
In her new role, Canny will oversee a network of more than 600 branches and 4,100 colleagues in an eight-state footprint.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Madrid based Banco Santander SA (NYSE:SAN), Santander Bank NA named Colleen Canny as head of its Retail Network, it disclosed on Thursday.
"We are honored to continue our work in providing assistance to our local not-for-profit agencies," Canny said.
NEWCASTLE 7.35 (480m): Heidis Babe, Drop The Pilot, Alnwick Fiona, Canny Jet, Vacant, Mustang Carla (W).
Section 3 and Section 4 detail the sequential and parallel versions of Canny algorithm respectively.
Classic image edge detection algorithms include both first-order differential operators (i.e., the Roberts, Prewitt, Sobel, and Canny operators) and second-order differential operators (i.e., the Laplacian and LoG operators) and can be applied to a wide range of applications.
First, we use the Canny operator instead of the original gradient operator for calculating the gradient magnitude and orientation in each pixel.
They are the Canny edge detector [21], two-pass algorithm [14, 15], and EdgeFlow method [22].
Canny algorithm has the ability to achieve a low error-rate by eliminating almost all non-edges and improving the localization of all identified edges [6].