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As he talked to Kaviri the canoes had been moving steadily up-river toward the chief's village.
All went well until the canoe had passed beyond the reef.
He ran immediately to the river where the canoes lay and counted them.
Following Malbihn's instructions they launched all the canoes but one.
For there were a number of canoes filled with the goods of the party, while the members themselves occupied a larger one with their personal baggage.
In another instant several savages were seen rushing into canoes, which were soon dancing over the water in pursuit.
As the Indians of the plains who depend upon the chase are bold and expert riders, and pride themselves upon their horses, so these piscatory tribes of the coast excel in the management of canoes, and are never more at home than when riding upon the waves.
Twenty canoes went after him, filled with two hundred young men.
The light suddenly changed its direction, and a long and slightly built boat hove up out of the gloom, while the red glare fell on the weather-beaten features of the Leather-Stocking, whose tall person was seen erect in the frail vessel, wielding, with the grace of an experienced boatman, a long fishing-spear, which he held by its centre, first dropping one end and then the other into the water, to aid in propelling the little canoe of bark, we will not say through, but over, the water.
Hundreds of canoes lay twenty deep along both sides of the Arangi, and each boy, with his box and bell, was clamoured for by scores of relatives and friends.
Daughtry was compelled to lend his strength to the hauling down from the sand into the water of the tiny canoe. It was a dug-out, as ancient and dilapidated as its owner, and, in order to get into it without capsizing, Daughtry wet one leg to the ankle and the other leg to the knee.
I took the sack of corn meal and took it to where the canoe was hid, and shoved the vines and branches apart and put it in; then I done the same with the side of bacon; then the whisky-jug.