CANSACCentral America, North South America and the Caribbean (business region)
CANSACCanadian Sub-Aqua Club (Ontario, Canada)
CANSACCalifornia and Nevada Smoke and Air Committee (forecasting and management)
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Gustavo Sorgente, General Manager CANSAC, Cisco (CANSAC Central America, Northern South America and the Caribbean), "Cisco's digitization strategy is a long-term commitment to a partnership with national leadership, industry and academia to deliver real outcomes faster and more effectively.
Cibercall, which was founded in 2000, specialises in providing communication solutions for voice, data and video dedicated to the CANSAC (Central America, northern South America and the Caribbean) market.
Equant is Premier certified in Mexico and Cisco's CANSAC region covering Central America, North South America and the Caribbean.