CANSIMCanadian Socio-Economic Information Management System (statistics Canada)
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Our analysis involves aggregate statistics on the employment of older teens (aged 18-19), and school enrolment rates, but these are not available on CANSIM. (10) Moreover, data on immigrant population and employment status are only recorded in the LFS from 2006 onward.
Table 358-0024--Business enterprise research and development (BERD) characteristics, by industry group based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) in Canada, annual (dollars unless otherwise noted), CANSIM (database).
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The energy consumption and economic activities data are obtained from Canadian Socioeconomic Information Management System of Statistics Canada (CANSIM).
Source CANSIM Table 105-0501 (Data for 45-64 age group was unreliable and could not be reported)
Estimates of population, by age group and sex for Canada, provinces and territories (CANSIM Table 051-0001).
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Hospitalization rates for incident all-cause encephalitis were calculated overall, by year and patient sex, age group, and LHIN by using yearly Ontario population estimates from Statistics Canada ( CANSIM tables.
CANSIM Table 052-0005, Projected population, by projection scenario, age and sex, as of July 1, Canada, provinces and territories.