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CANSOCivil Air Navigation Services Organisation
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In the ordinary course of business, Canso conducts analysis of securities in which it may invest on behalf of the funds and/or accounts.
Blackberry will receive $250m in financing from Fairfax, its largest shareholder, and $300m from Canso.
CANSO is the only Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO) comprising 143 member countries and in charge of managing 85 percent of the global air space.
The CANSO Middle East Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP), Airspace Users & Stakeholder Engagement (MEAUSE) Initiative was founded with the aim of establishing a mechanism for stakeholder consultation to better align visions and future plans and exchange of best practices.
Graham Lake, Director General, CANSO, Aon Al Garni, Director General ATM/ANS, General Authority of Civil Aviation -- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Vinod K.
Na Castelloza addresses "Ia de chanter non degra aver talan" to "Dompna Na Mieils" (54), perhaps another trobairitz (Bruckner, Shepard, and White 147), and in the envoi of "Ar em al freg temps vengut" Azalais de Porgairagues sends her canso "ves Narbona" to "lei cui iois e iovenz guida" (50, 52), a likely reference to Ermengard of Narbonne, powerful viscountess and patron of both male and female troubadours (Cheyette 2001, 170).
CANSO members are responsible for supporting more than 80 percent of world air traffic, and through its workgroups, members share information and try to develop new policies, with the aim of improving navigation services on the ground and in the air.
The amphibian PBY Catalina (known as the Canso by the RCAF).
En este sentido, el coro de reconocimientos me canso muy pronto (los mismos lugares comunes que ya sabemos) y, por contraste, hizo evidente para mi la necesidad de una discusion mas libre.
Alexander ter Kuile, secretary general of CANSO, said that "though many feel that there is a necessity to change the financing structure of air traffic management and the global principles on which air traffic management is financed, when you come to look at how to make the changes and how to introduce a new system, there are so many variables and so many pros and cons for different options that it becomes extremely difficult to find a system that fits everybody.
Tal vez por eso nunca me canso de citar a Rabelais, 'para todos tus males te doy la risa'.
El repertorio es diverso y va del amor al compromiso, de las odas al "sucede que me canso de ser hombre".