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CANTABCAmbridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery
CANTABOf the University of Cambridge or its alumni
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"By establishing a cloud infrastructure in a data centre in China and translating tasks into the key languages, we have brought CANTAB to the Chinese market in a way that considerably expands our commercial opportunities.
de Macedo et al., "CANTAB object recognition and language tests to detect aging cognitive decline: an exploratory comparative study," Clinical Interventions in Aging, vol.
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Several facets of executive functioning according to Chan [2] have been measured as follows: response inhibition (Stroop color-word test), working memory (digital span test in WISC-IV and spatial span, spatial working memory tests in CANTAB ), mental flexibility (WCST), planning and action monitoring (stocks of Cambridge tests in CANTAB).
The CANTAB scores also showed no change from baseline over time in the individual subgroups of both evolocumab-treated and placebo-treated patients.
The CANTAB is considered reliable for assessing type and degree of functional loss and the specificity of aging-associated changes in the temporal and prefrontal lobes (8).
[27] Pre-post; school Cognitive functions: (2011), UK setting Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Battery (CANTAB), the Attention Network Test (ANT), the Cognitive Assessment System (CAS), and the short form of the Connor's Parent Rating Scale (CPRS) Memory performance was measured via Free-Recall and Cued Recall Tests Mavilidi et al.
ACT Surfaces, Arsanis Biosciences, Auspherix, BARDA, Blueberry Therapeutics, Cantab Anti-infectives, Cempra Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Biology Ventures, Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), Emergent BioSolutions, European Commision, Evotec, F.
Again, looking inside the average is key: Aspect Capital, a systematic diversified futures program, ended the year up almost 8% (this after a 32% gain in 2014), whereas another fund, Cantab Capital Partners' CCP Quant Fund, was down just over 8% in 2015 (although was up 39% in 2014).
KRISTOFOR INKPIN, MA (Hons) Cantab MBBS FRCA, Nottingham University Hospitals, UK.
Keith began his love affair with cycling shortly after his diagnosis and it wasn't long before he was taking on momentous rides in aid of two charities - the Cantab Neuro-oncology Research Fund and the Cancer Ward 35 Appeal, the ward at University Hospital where he was treated.
Then we tested the participants' cognitive performance in 5 cognitive domains including rule acquisition and reversal, recognition memory, visual memory, spatial planning, and spatial working memory from the Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB) [33].