CANUCustoms Anti-Narcotics Unit (Guyana)
CANUChild Abuse and Neglect Unit (Ethiopia)
CANUColored Agricultural and Normal University (now Langston University; Langston, OK)
CANUCapital Area NetWare Users
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A natural evolution of the original Canus All Natural Fresh Goat's Milk Line, now U.
The line, like all Canus products, is made with fresh goat's milk, which the company says is a natural moisturizer that is packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins.
Educated mothers have recognized that there are alternatives for children," Canus president Andree Falardeau says.
Women who buy our products for the whole family now have a line of their own," Andree Falardeau, founder and president of Canus Goat's Milk Skin Care, said when the line was introduced.
A prime driver of the company's growth in 2004 was increased consumer interest in and acceptance of natural products, and Canus will maintain this focus in 2005 with a host of new products.
Canus uses only farm-fresh goat's milk--never powdered--in order to maintain its superior hydrating and natural antibacterial properties.
Canus has come a long way from its original Canus Goat's Milk skin care brand.
Rolling out this month, Nature by Canus is a line of fresh goat's milk products that uses organic ingredients whenever possible to promote smooth complexions, according to the company, which says that each fragrance-free formula relies on the unique properties of exotic botanicals with proven hydrating capabilities to help keep skin happy and healthy.
Canus advertises its products in such popular publications as Allure, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Ladies" Home Journal, Child and Martha Stewart Kids.
Consumers have responded very positively to the Nature's Dog by Canus products," says Bambi Mohr, sales manager for the Nature's Dog line.
In addition to the original Canus Goat's Milk skin care brand, the company now markets "L'il Goat's Milk," a children's line that includes soap, lotion and a combination tearless shampoo/body wash.
People are excited about and interested in the sources of their products not only for themselves but for their pets as well" says Andree Falardeau, president of Canus Vermont.