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CANVASCentre for Applied NonViolent Action and Strategies (est. 2003; Belgrade, Serbia)
CANVASContaminants and Nutrients in Variable Sea Areas (research project; Germany)
CANVASCollaborative Advanced Navigation Virtual Art Studio
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I had been told to stand where I was, and wait till the canvas came to me, and Montmorency and I stood there and waited, both as good as gold.
He was knocked to the canvas backwards, and sideways, was punched in the clinches and in the break-aways--stiff, jolty blows that dazed his brain and drove the strength from his muscles.
A few minutes afterward, roused by a heavy blast of wind and rain on the canvas, she heard Billy softly groaning.
I have said this was the worst thing possible for me, for helpless as she looked in this situation, with the canvas cracking like cannon and the blocks trundling and banging on the deck, she still continued to run away from me, not only with the speed of the current, but by the whole amount of her leeway, which was naturally great.
Hour by hour, and week by week, the thing upon the canvas was growing old.
The surgeon lifted the canvas screen and called into the kitchen:
"This dark old square of canvas, my fair cousin," said he, "has been an heirloom in the Province House from time immemorial.
He put down the roughly-besmeared canvas and addressed a little click with his tongue, accompanied by an elevation of the eyebrows, to Newman.
It was afterward discovered that he had crept in under the canvas without paying.
I had time to notice that the pockets of the dead man had been emptied on the deck, and that his body and his grin had been wrapped from view in canvas, the folds of which the sailor, Johansen, was sewing together with coarse white twine, shoving the needle through with a leather contrivance fitted on the palm of his hand.
There was no water in the bared and burning bars of the river to reflect the vertical sun, but under its direct rays one or two tinned roofs and corrugated zinc cabins struck fire, a few canvas tents became dazzling to the eye, and the white wooded corral of the stage office and hotel insupportable.
On the bed, at full length, and faintly illuminated by the pale light that came from the window, lay a sack of canvas, and under its rude folds was stretched a long and stiffened form; it was Faria's last winding-sheet, -- a winding-sheet which, as the turnkey said, cost so little.