CANZComputer Access New Zealand (computer recycling)
CANZCanada, Australia and New Zealand (United Nations)
CANZCorrections Association of New Zealand (Auckland, New Zealand)
CANZCelebrants Association of New Zealand (professional group)
CANZCompetitive Advantage New Zealand (research program)
CANZCoal Association of New Zealand
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Wilson said CANZ's executive had agreed late last year to work in partnership with NZNO in its endeavours to establish a CA for nurses working in prisons.
Roughly speaking, the relative contribution of the United States to the budget dropped 3 percent, the relative contribution of Japan dropped 1 percent, and the relative contribution of the EU and the CANZ Group remained the same.
Table 1 Contributions of Selected Countries to the UN Regular Budget (percent of total budget) Developed countries 2000 2001 2003-2004 United States 25.000 22.000 22.000 European Union 36.588 37.054 36.84125 Japan 20.573 19.629 19.51575 CANZ Group 4.436 4.451 4.4260 Norway .610 .650 .64600 Switzerland 1.274 Subtotal 87.207 83.784 84.703 Brazil 1.471 -- 2.390 China .995 -- 1.532 Republic of Korea 1.006 -- 1.851 Russian Federation 1.077 -- 1.200 Singapore .179 -- .393 Subtotal 4.728 7.366 All other countries 8.065 7.931 Source: Department of Management of the United Nations, Office of Programme Planning, Budgets, and Accounts, and Contributions Services.
Consider the incipit of Petrarch's sonnet 46: "L'or e le perle e i fior' vermigli e i bianchi." This beginning becomes in Leopardi's commentary "L'oro e le perle di cui, voi, Laura, vi adornate, e quei fiori che vi procacciate fuor di stagion e in dispetto dell'inverno" (Canz. p.
At the United Nations and in other multilateral forums, Australia and New Zealand have joined with Canada to form the CANZ grouping to increase our strike power on a number of issues of mutual interest.
I, 3) to the "dubbioso" or "fiero passo" (Petrarch, Canz. CXXVI, 22; C, 9), "le grand voyage" (4) of death.
New Zealand and Australia have, as part of the CANZ grouping (with Canada), pooled our resources to work more effectively in the United Nations and other forums.
Besides being a paparazzi's vision of what heaven must be like, Cannes (pronounced "Can" rather than "Con" or "Canz" by those who set the pronunciation standards) has turned into the world's largest three-ring media circus.
V, 114), "dubbioso," "estremo" or "fiero passo" or "il tempo del partire" (Petrarch, Canz. CXXVI, 22; CCCLXVI, 107; C, 9; CCLXIV, 117); and the subsequent "grand voyage" (4) of death, the "passing" of the "departed." Our life and soul are, therefore, continuously moving, like Baudelaire's ship, in search of the elusive and ultimate locus amoenus, a landing in a Promised Land, (5) or Rimbaud's errance, prodded by "an unstoppable demon." (6) Travel is thus reaching a sequence of intermediate points between a relative hic et nunc and the Kingdom, either a geographic milieu or a sought-after region of the spirit, something akin to Petrarch's ascent to a sacred "Mont Ventoux," a metaphor for "iter illud cui diebus et noctibus suspiro," as in his letter to Dionigi da Borgo San Sepolcro (Famil.