CANZComputer Access New Zealand (computer recycling)
CANZCanada, Australia and New Zealand (United Nations)
CANZCorrections Association of New Zealand (Auckland, New Zealand)
CANZCelebrants Association of New Zealand (professional group)
CANZCompetitive Advantage New Zealand (research program)
CANZCoal Association of New Zealand
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TABLE 1 Energy Modeling Forum Main Results; GDP Loss in 2010 (in percentage of GDP; 2010 Kyoto target) No Trading Annex I Trading Model USA OECD-E Japan CANZ USA OECD-E Japan CANZ ABARE-GTEM 1.
The EU, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (the CANZ Group) had accepted contributing to the phasing-in scheme, not by adding new resources but by front-loading their own contributions, paying more than their allotted share in the first two years but recuperating the excess payments in the last year.
3) For the purposes of this paper, all citations of Petrarch's lyrics are from the edition with commentary by Leopardi, cited hereafter as Canz.
At the United Nations and in other multilateral forums, Australia and New Zealand have joined with Canada to form the CANZ grouping to increase our strike power on a number of issues of mutual interest.
I, 3) to the "dubbioso" or "fiero passo" (Petrarch, Canz.
New Zealand and Australia have, as part of the CANZ grouping (with Canada), pooled our resources to work more effectively in the United Nations and other forums.
V, 114), "dubbioso," "estremo" or "fiero passo" or "il tempo del partire" (Petrarch, Canz.