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CANopenController Area Network, the Open Communication Solution Dissemination Project
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The products feature: 50 MHz Cortex-M0 processor with SWD/debug; 32KB/16KB Flash, 8KB SRAM; 32 Vectored Interrupts; 4 priority levels; Dedicated Interrupts on up to 13 GPIOs; CAN 2.0 B C_CAN controller with on-chip CANopen drivers, integrated transceiver; UART, 2 SPI & I2C (FM+); Two 16-bit and two 32-bit timers with PWM/Match/Capture and one 24-bit system timer; 12MHz Internal RC Oscillator with 1% accuracy over temperature and voltage; Power-On-Reset (POR); Multi-level Brown-Out-Detect (BOD); 10-50MHz Phase-Locked Loop (PLL); 8-channel high precision 10-bit ADC with +/-1LSB DNL; and 36 fast 5V tolerant GPIO pins, high drive (20mA) on select pins.
Ultimately, LaCourse hopes to demonstrate that this "plug-and-play" technology can be adopted by all electronic instruments in operating rooms: Beds and blood pressure monitors as well as ventilation systems, ultrasound monitors, and electrocardiogram monitors will have CANopen software installed by the manufacturers.
Ositrack compact stations can be connected on Ethernet, Modbus, CANopen and Uni-Telway networks via a connection box.
"Most processors aren't staffed to evaluate and test distributed systems." In Europe--but not yet in the U.S.--Gefran has extrusion customers using CANopen networks of pressure sensors, which can monitor a line remotely and correct problems more quickly, Caldwell notes.
Network function includes RS232 and CANopen DS301 with full implementation of DS402.
The Accela printer is able to reach these throughput rates through extensive use of CANopen control architecture and the patented theory of operation.
(These are proprietary CAN ports that can communicate to CANopen.) They also have some pulse-width-modulation ports: up to eight 8-bit channels or four 16-bit channels.
In addition to numerous new products from hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical drive and control technology, as well as linear motion and assembly technologies, the company is presenting in particular solutions stretching beyond just technological competence: SERCOS interfacecompatible hydraulic valves and control systems, pneumatic valves that support not only AS-i but also Device NET, CANopen and Profibus DP Bus protocols, as well as proven Soft-SPS control systems and integrated linear axes.
In recent years, the industrial electric vehicle (EV) industry has come to accept CAN bus as a standard for vehicle integration, now it's adopting CANOpen as a communications protocol.
The Toro control system for the LHD uses a CanOpen bus communicating with CanOpen sensors and actuators.