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CAOChief Administrative Officer (corporate title)
CAOCentral Applications Office (student placements in Irish universities)
CaOCalcium Oxide
CAOConception Assistée par Ordinateur (French: Computer-Aided Design)
CAOCounty Administrative Officer
CAOCollectieve Arbeidsovereenkomst (Dutch)
CAOChief Accounting Officer (job title)
CAOChief Academic Officer
CAOCounty Assistance Office (Pennsylvania)
CAOContract Administration Office(r)
CAOCanadian Association of Optometrists
CAOCleanup and Abatement Order
CAOCommunity Action Organization (Buffalo, NY)
CAOCommission d'Appel d'Offres (France)
CAOCurrent As Of
CAOChina Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation Ltd.
CAOCanadian Association of Orthodontists
CAOComputer-Assisted Ordering
CAOComputer-Aided Optimization
CAOCounty Attorney's Office
CAOCultural Affairs Officer (U.S. State Department, Public Affairs)
CAOCarlsbad Area Office
CAOCivil Aviation Order
CAOCorrective Action Order
CAOCargo Aircraft Only
CAOCano A. Ozgener (cigar)
CAOChief Analytics Officer
CAOCustoms Administrative Order (Philippines)
CAOCentral Accounting Office
CAOCasualty Assistance Office
CAOClub Atlético Osasuna (Spanish football team)
CAOConcentrated Animal Operation (Pennsylvania)
CAOCivil Affairs Operations (US DoD)
CAOCentre Afrika Obota (French; African development group)
CAOCompetency Aligned Organization (NAVAIR)
CAOCenter for Applied Optics (University of Alabama; Huntsville, AL)
CAOCalifornia Academy of Ophthalmology
CAOCustomer Assistance Office
CAOCorrect Answer Only (examination marking schemes)
CAOChange of Appointing Office (manpower/personnel)
CAOChukotka Autonomous Okrug (Russian region)
CAOCombat Air Operations
CAOClassification Advisory Officer (US NSA)
CAOCounter Air Operation
CAOCoordination of Atomic Operations
CAOCentral Asia Ovtcharka (dog breed)
CAOCatering for All Occasions (Estes Park, CO)
CAOConscious, Alert, and Oriented
CAOCommand Assist Official
CAOCase Administering Office (US Foreign Military Sales)
CAOcounterair operation (US DoD)
CAOCollateral Action Office(r)
CAOCrisis Action Officer
CAOContract Administrative Officer
CAOCost Analysis Organization
CAOCircum-Atlantic Project
CAOCorrections Auxiliary Officer
CAOChief Advisement Officer
CAOCercle d'Aviron Oléronais (French rowing club; Chateau d'Oleron, France)
CAOCollege Art Online (Paradise Valley, AZ)
CAOCentral Adjudication Office
CAOCivil Aviation Organisation (various locations)
CAOCentral Auditing Organization (Egypt)
CAOCamarillo Academic Olympics (California)
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Tionko said the CAO excludes for immediate release importations, even if within the de minimis threshold, that are: declared as without commercial value or of no commercial value of with specific amount but qualified by the phrase for customs purposes or other analogous phrases; tobacco and liquor products carried by passengers in excess of the allowable limits; goods subject to requirements or conditions imposed by regulatory agencies, unless for personal use and within the limits allowed by regulations; prohibited and restricted importations; and importation to be entered conditionally free, for warehousing, for transit and/or admission to free zones.
Based on monitoring reports supervised by CAO, the cost of corruption inside the country's institutions exceeded EGP 600bn in 2015", Geneina was quoted by local newspaper Al-Youm Al-Sabea as saying on 23 December.
The ultimate idea was that the CAO would be seen as council's one employee, and the other municipal staff reported to the CAO.
CAO Pharma and NMT Pharma have improved the formulation of CZ-48 to increase the bioavailability of the drug so as to further reduce the side effects and improve therapeutic effects.
On the other hand, if a CAO fails to think like a CFO, collegiality between the faculty and administration can disintegrate rapidly, as the CAO uses the CFO as a convenient excuse for why there is no money to invest in the academic program.
Before the first visit, the CAO is debriefed by the chaplain and CNO who conducted the notification, Hughey said.
In an informal survey Eldridge found that 122 Fortune 500 companies employ someone with the CAO title.
Employing a licensed CPA as the CAO assures that the function is being performed by someone with a certain level of education in accounting and financial reporting and has demonstrated at least a minimum level of competence by passing a rigorous nationally recognized exam.
Thus, CAO rules that 'marriage' does not have any constitutionally fixed meaning.
Writing in 1954, Sayre first articulated the concept of a strong mayor form of municipal government with an appointed CAO.
Understanding what goes into a CAO product and guidelines on how to specify and test these products will help the foundry make the best use of its abrasive dollars.
If you look at what ECR is about, CAO is the starting point from which everything else rolls back up the supply chain," says Gary Mitchell, president of Inventory Management Technology, Walnut Creek, Calif.