CAOACentral Agency for Organization and Administration (Egypt)
CAOAConservateur des Antiquités et Objets d'Art
CAOACalumet Athletic Officials Association (Indiana)
CAOACanadian Academy of Aeronautics (Owen Sound, ON, Canada)
CAOAColorado Airport Operators Association (trade association)
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The CAOA has asked an appointment with the defence ministry to present the full findings of the survey, as they believe it could be used as a guide in the case of the abolition of the National Guard.
Promotion shall be based on measures and conditions of CAOA and directorates, and senior positions shall be announced a year before filling the vacancy so that employees would be able applying in CAOA.
Approach: The project supports MSAD and CAOA in modernising human resource management in the public sector:
Mostafa El Tohamy, head of the CAOA, made the announcement in a statement released Monday.
With the firm belief that the upgrade of the quality of the civil service in Egypt depends mainly on the efficiency of the CAOA and on the quality of the training plans set by this organization, the project is expected to have a deep impact on the overall performance and delivery of public services in Egypt.