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The 'Caor' is generally taken to be the Brahmaputra, or the river paralleling it to the south, the Meghna; the 'Pegu' runs through the Pegu kingdom in southern Burma (Myanmar) and is the Irrawaddy; and 'Martaban' is named for a kingdom and town on the southern coast of Burma through which the Salween River runs.
Dyna'r tro cynta i Shan Cothi ganu efo'r cAOr - y tro cynta iddi ganu'r gAen erioed - ac roedd yr asio'n arallfydol.
The possible explanation for the stability of chlortetracycline relies on the formation of Caor Mg-ionophores from organic phase complexation [27].
In [3], the authors propose a distributed optimal community-aware opportunistic routing (CAOR) algorithm, where a reverse Dijkstra algorithm is devised so as to compute the minimum expected delivery delays of nodes, thus acheving the optimal opportunistic routing performance.
(68.) The Draft Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations and Commentaries, adopted by the International Law Commission in 2011, also provide some insights into the question of the responsibility of a State that may arise from its engagement with an international organisation: International Law Commission, 'Draft Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations', Report of The International .an, Commission, 63rd sess (2011), ch V, pan 87, UN CAOR, 66th sess, Supp No 10, UN Doc A/66/10 ('ILC Draft Articles').
With a home-aware model, CAOR [23] turns mobile social networks into a network that only includes community homes.