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CAP1Contraception-Associated Protein 1 (biochemistry)
CAP1Channel Activating Protease 1
CAP1Canine Activated Platelet 1
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Cooper, "Molecular cloning and expression of rat contraception associated protein 1 (CAP1), a protein putatively involved in fertilization," Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, vol.
Here, we examined the expression of FLG and related serine proteases (KLK5, KLK7, matriptase, and CAP1), cysteine protease caspase-14, and LEKTI by immunohistochemical staining in acute and chronic lesions of AD.
Likewise, the first axis of the constrained ordination was significantly associated with variation in plant community composition (CAP1: P = 0.005).
The superframe consists of a beacon, two contention access periods (CAP1 and CAP2), and one contention-free period (CFP) as given in Figure 1.
(15) Milton Friedman,"Cap1. relatia dintre libertatea economica si libertatea politica" in Capitalism si libertate, Editura Enciclopedica, Bucuresti, 1996, p.
One patient, NT55, was found with allelic loss of microsatellite marker D3S1577, flanked by markers CAP1 and D3S3049, both showed allelic retention (Figure 4).
[12] However, I would ask you to notice that if we connect Fut2 to Sam1 and Sam2 to Fut1, and Can2 to Cap1 and Cap2 to Can1 in Figure 16, we will have a strange blended image comparable to that of the two Necker cubes in Figure 12.
Contraception Associated Protein (CAP1) was recently identified in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland (AP) of Golden Syrian hamsters by proteomic analyses (Blake et al., in press).