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CAPBCyclically Adjusted Primary Balance (economics)
CAPBClub Amatori Pastore Belga (Italian: Amateur Belgian Shepherd Club)
CAPBCancer of the Prostate and Brain (urology)
CAPBCurriculum and Assessment Policy Branch
CAPBCounty Agricultural Preservation Board (St. Joseph County, MI)
CAPBClinical Applications and Prevention Branch
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CAPB sampuan ve kozmetik urunlerde bulunan surfaktan yapisindaki bir maddedir.
larinin 10 calismasinda CAPB karsi duyarliligi olan 10 hastaya DMAPA (%1) ve amidoamin (%0,5 ve %0,25) ile yama testleri uygulamislar ve tum hastalarda DMAPA ve amidoamine karsi pozitif yanit elde etmislerdir.
Neither the Blanchard-type indicator nor changes in the CAPB are perfect measures of discretionary fiscal policymaking.
In our analysis we try to address these measurement issues (i) by choosing sufficiently large changes in the CAPB and (ii) by using specific variables that may control for at least one of these other factors, notably data on apparent tax elasticities.
IMF (2010) utilizes this approach in response to their observation that the CAPB method "fails to identify consolidations when governments took substantial actions to reduce the deficit but the actions were associated with severe economic downturns.
5 percentage point reduction in the ratio of debt to potential GDP indentifies 21 successful consolidations using the CAPB method and four successful consolidations using the Action-Based method.
The S2 indicator shows the permanent adjustment to the CAPB that is required to fulfil the intertemporal budget constraint, i.
However, when CAPB is replaced in the same formulation with CDB Special, the resulting viscosity is ~ 22,000cps.
CDB Special is about 70 times more efficient in viscosity building when compared to CAPB.
The results in Figure 4 show that model body wash formulations based on 12% active SLES-2, 3% active CAPB and commercial lactylates 1 or 2 had insignificant to a directional improvement in softness, moisturization and foam volume when compared to the negative control (12% active SLES-2 and 3% active CAPB).
The test formulations consisted of an ALS/ALES/ CAPB surfactant system with 0.