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CAPDContinuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
CAPDCentral Auditory Processing Disorder
CAPDConsumer Affairs and Public Distribution (India)
CAPDComputer-Aided Product Development (education)
CAPDCommission Administrative Paritaire Départementale (French: Departmental Joint Administrative Committee)
CAPDClear and Present Danger (novel)
CAPDComputing to Assist Persons with Disabilities
CAPDChina Association for Promoting Democracy
CAPDCash Available to Pay Dividends (finance)
CAPDCorporate Association for Professional Development
CAPDCalifornia Police Department (mnemonic for branches of the thoracoacromial trunk: clavicular, axillary, pectoral, deltoid)
CAPDContinuous Abdominoperitoneal Dialysis
CAPDCertificate in Apparel Product Development
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Explain reasons for CAPD and PD success and failure as determined by this study.
Unfortunately, these were beyond the discipline of the CAPD Clinic staff.
In retrospect, during her five-month course on CAPD, the patient presented with various vague complaints, such as cough, mild pleuritic pain, mild shortness of breath and diminished effluent return.
The mean concentrations of DMA, AsB, and total As in urine of 10 CAPD patients with residual urine production are 2.24 [+ or -] 1.80, 9.09 [+ or -] 8.50, and 12.28 [+ or -] 10.66 [micro]g/L, respectively.
Shortly thereafter, Medicare released reimbursement guidelines for CAPD. Later, technology improved and the progression of PD systems included O-sets and Y- sets that allowed for a "flush before fill;" connection assist devices to reduce the risk of touch contamination; and several models of smaller, more portable cyclers.
(NASDAQ: NUAN) an industry-leading provider of AI-powered solutions, today announced it has expanded into the surgical market with the Nuance Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) solution.
We reported a frequency of dyslipidemia in 85% children with ESRD undergoing renal replacement therapy in our tertiary care center: 93.5% patients receiving maintenance hemodialysis and 6.5% undergoing CAPD. Hypertriglyceridemia was the most frequently observed lipid abnormality in 84.8% participants while high serum cholesterol, VLDL-C and LDL-C levels were found in 21.7%, 60.9% and 19.6% respectively.
The paucity of data in our country regarding outcome of CAPD in pediatric age group made us report our experience from a single tertiary care center.
Mean HRQOL scores were calculated for each domain for the APD, CAPD and HD sample groups, and differences were compared using the independent samples t-test or analysis of variance (ANOVA).
(7) Emerging research investigating benefits of auditory training in patients with CAPD, including older adults, demonstrates efficacy of programs that include, for example, dichotic inter-aural intensity difference training that can be administered using customized stimuli through an audiometer.
Pharmacotherapy is still a main treatment modality for ADHD which has no role in CAPD, SNHL and language disorders.