CAPEACentro de Apoyo de Personas Extraviadas Y Ausentes (Spanish: Support Center for Missing Persons and Absent; Mexico)
CAPEACalifornia Association of Professors of Educational Administration
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BTSA, ICCUCET, CAPSE/TED, CABTE, and CAPEA are only but a few of the groups that we continue to reach out to and partner with, and we will need yet more cooperating organizations in order to be the strongest possible coalition.
Son las palabras del saber de la experiencia, del saber vivido y padecido, no solo razonado; del saber que no se queda tras la barrera de la vida, sino que se enfrenta a ella y la enviste, la capea como puede.
(5) En cuanto a instituciones del Gobierno acudi al Programa de Apoyo para Personas Extraviadas y Ausentes de la Procuraduria General de Justicia (PGJ), el Centro de Atencion a Personas Extraviadas y Ausentes (Capea) de la Procuraduria del Distrito Federal (PGJDF), los Juzgados Familiares y el Centro de Convivencia Familiar Supervisada del Supremo Tribunal de Justicia del Distrito Federal (STJDF).
These persistent but culturally decorative and thematically superficial references have led scholars like Edward Stanton to list Quevedo among Hemingway's "favorite Spanish artists" (sic); to mention Quevedo as an example of the old cliche, the typically "Spanish preoccupation with death"; to call him "the classical Spanish writer most obsessed by mortality" (how can you measure this?); and, though capea, or bull-baiting, is real and takes place outdoors in village squares, to compare "the mob brutality and taste for blood of the capea" to "the hallucinatory, infernal atmosphere of death reminiscent of Quevedo's prose" (sic) (Hemingway and Spain, Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1989, xv, 95, 179).
CAPEA is celebrating its 19th year of the journal, Educational Leadership and Administration: Teaching and Program Development.
Educational Leadership and Administration (formerly Journal of CAPEA), annual journal of the California Association of Professors of Educational Administration, subscriptions $50 (individual) or $60 (institutional) per year, ISSN 1064-4474.
He explains that his one humiliating turn in the ring came at a chaotic, flee-for-all capea. In Death in the Afternoon Hemingway criticizes capeas as a poor environment for learning the true art of the matador.