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CAPHConventions for the Application of Hytime
CAPHCalifornia Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems
CAPHCenter for Aging and Population Health (University of Pittsburgh)
CAPHCommittee on the Application of Polarized Headlights
CAPHColt Autoloading Pistol, Hammerless
CAPHCulture and Art Publishing House (est. 1980; Beijing, China)
CAPHChild/Adolescent Partial Hospitalization (various locations)
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A partir de 1960, convencidos do crescimento da demanda de flores por todo o Brasil, houve adesao de muitos produtores associados a CAPH, que antes nao viam com seriedade a floricultura como atividade agricola.
Now we'll turn to the Local Group galaxy IC 10, located 1.4[degrees] east of Caph. My 105-mm refractor shows a very faint star at the western end of a little patch of fuzz about 1' across.
In dark skies, with your naked eyes, note the curious asterism about halfway from the Great Square to Caph. This is the outstretched hand of Andromeda; find it on our maps on the facing foldout and, greatly enlarged, below.
The opposite side points north to Beta Cassiopeiae (Caph) and on to Polaris.
The charts at left show these shifts for Sirius, Procyon, and Caph.
Although this strand is invisible, two conspicuous stars, Caph (Beta Cassiopeiae) and Alpheratz (Alpha Andromedae), are close enough to it to reveal the path the colure threads through the constellations.
They are Enif, Markab, Scheat, Alpheratz, Mirach, Almach, Tsih, Shedir, Caph, Alderamin, Mirfak, Algol (usually), Hamal, Diphda, Menkar, and, on very rare occasions, Mira.