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CAPIACalifornia Association of Probation Institution Administrators
CAPIACorrective and Preventive Improvement Actions
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Tenders are invited for Professional collections firm for collecting outstanding Class C misdemeanor capias warrants and delinquent municipal fines, utility bills and miscellaneous receivables.
A writ of capias is for the sheriff to arrest a defendant in a civil case who has refused to appear in court.
The exacting process required a court to issue a writ of capias ad
Over the years, judges in various courts have resorted to issuing capias warrants against Mr.
In Common Pleas, the writ directing the sheriff to arrest the defendant was called the capias ad respondendum; in the King's Bench, the typical compulsory process was the Bill of Middlesex.
There is a note on illustrations of John Lang's works with special attention paid to the illustrated cover of Captain Macdonald or Haps and Mishaps at Capias Castle.