CAPICCanadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications
CAPICCanadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CAPICCollaboration for Accident Prevention and Injury Control (est. 1996; Wales, UK)
CAPICCanadian Association for Production and Inventory Control (Region 8 of APICS)
CAPICCollege of Architecture and Planning Indianapolis Center (Ball State University; Indianapolis, IN)
CAPICCaring About People International Corporation
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El CAPIC fue validado mediante un estudio piloto realizado a una muestra de 32 profesores de ensenanza primaria y secundaria, de centros escolares de la provincia de Castellon (Espana).
En la elaboracion definitiva del CAPIC se tomaron en cuenta los siguientes criterios y pasos de aplicacion general al diseno y confeccion de escalas actitudinales (Morales, 1984; Rodriguez, 1989; Arce, 1994; Bolivar, 1995):
The furniture company, one of 10 firms designated by the Justice Ministry as a ''prison sponsor company,'' forged 60,000 CAPIC logo seals and sold about 19,400 pieces of ''CAPIC furniture'' produced by local furniture makers.
According to the Justice Ministry's Correction Bureau, the oval-shaped CAPIC logo seals, which have since been replaced, measured 3.
A single dose of CAPIC was administered by mouth to diabetic mice whose blood glucose levels were monitored for 12 hours following the treatment to assess the hypoglycemic effect.
The study indicates that our CAPIC formulation may protect insulin from degradation while passing through the acidic environment of the stomach until it is reaches the less acidic medium of the small intestine, where it can be absorbed.
The research methodology involved the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data from CAPIC members that would allow us to test the hypothesis that this professional association plays a role in the diffusion of knowledge needed by firms to adopt new PIC technologies.
Quantitative data was collected through the use of a detailed questionnaire to survey CAPIC members, constructed along similar lines to the earlier survey of members of BPICS (Newell and Clark 1990).