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CAPLCatastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome
CAPLCareer Planning
CAPLChevron Australia Pty Ltd.
CAPLCanadian Association of Petroleum Landmen
CAPLCulturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon (foreign language learning)
CAPLCanadian Association of Public Libraries
CAPLCommissions Administratives Paritaires Locales
CAPLCentre for Assessment of Prior Learning (New Zealand)
CAPLCentral Agricultural Pesticides Laboratory (Egypt)
CAPLCanadian Academy of Psychiatry and Law
CAPLCapitula (Latin: Chapters; Codices and Manuscripts)
CAPLCenter for Art and Public Life
CAPLCommunication Access Programming Language
CAPLCAN Access Programming Language
CAPLContinuous Annealing and Processing Line
CAPLCivilian Acquisition Position List
CAPLCoastal Anti-Pollution League
CAPLChemical and Allied Products Limited
CAPLCUMI Australia Pty Ltd
CAPLCarillon Avenue Pty Limited
CAPLC4I Alerts Presentation Layer
CAPLContinuous Annealing Process Line
CAPLcapillary assist pump loop
CAPLCritical Alloys Parts List
CAPLContinuous Anneal Process Line (steel industry)
CAPLCritical Acquisition Position List
CAPLCentral Animal Pathology Laboratories (UK)
CAPLCommand Alerts Presentation Layer (US DoD)
CAPLCommittee on Academic and Professional Linkages
CAPLContractual Agreement Preference List (wireless networks)
CAPLControlled Assembly Parts List
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The rent was "increased significantly" when the council's arrangements with CAPL were restructured in 2006.
Along with colleagues at the vast CAPL plant such as Jessica Harrington, the steelworks are seen against the background of the smoking, light filled steel plant at night.
S100a, CAPL, CACY: molecular cloning and expression analysis or three calcium-binding proteins from human heart.
One blast furnaceman said yesterday that on Saturday a 30-tonne iron hook came crashing down on to the CAPL (continuous annealing pickle line) which galvanises steel.