CAPLACanadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment (est. 1994)
CAPLACanadian Association of Petroleum Land Administration
CAPLACollege of Architecture Planning and Landscape Architecture (Arizona)
CAPLACanadian Alliance of Pipeline Landowners Associations
CAPLACanada, Asia-Pacific, Latin-America
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Dr Capla said: "It was so sad that he had gone through this whole journey and come full circle, and he couldn't even do basic things and no-one would help him."
7.06 (450m): Beths Poppy, Capla Northgate, Lahana Moll, Tullymurry Anita (M), Denwill Hawkeye (M), Rothweiler Lilly (M).
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La Asociacion no gubernamental CAPLA (Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment, Asociacion Canadiense para la Evaluacion del Aprendizaje Previo) recoge, difunde y da soporte al despliegue de estas experiencias.
(12.) Edelstein DM, Aharonoff GB, Karp A, Capla EL, Zuckerman JD, Koval KJ.
Details: David Kesting, Capla Kesting Fine Art, New York.
Just ask Brooklyn's Capla Kesting's Fine Art which is about to display a piece called Suri's Bronzed Baby Poop.
CAPLA DEMON (5.0) can give the bookies a fright in the Peter Sutton Handicap.