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Note that value-added non-patent literature databases, such as Chemical Abstracts CAplus and the corresponding SciFinder product, continue to be of good value because there are few public-domain, free-access, or value-added literature databases comparable to those in the patent space.
This database also provides access to Chemical Abstracts, the CAS Registry file, and the CAPlus file, a comprehensive database of all chemical literature including patents, journal articles, and conference proceedings.
The new tool, called CA Lexicon on STN, organizes scientific concept families, and will give researchers greatly improved recall and precision in the CA and CAplus files on STN International.
Soon after adding the patent family information to CAplus on STN--the version of the Chemical Abstracts database that is most current, with daily updating--CAS will make it available through other CAS products.
However, Research Topic searches are run both in the CAPlus file (Chemical Abstracts) and in MEDLINE, where compounds are more likely to appear by name.
Now, in addition to analyzing search results from the multidisciplinary CAplus database and the patent databases USPATFULL and PCTFULL, the new version of STN AnaVist analyzes content from Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI), a database providing information on patent publications from patent-issuing authorities.
The CA and CAplus databases grew to a total of more than 24 million document records as CAS scientists added a record-breaking 855,000 abstracts.
Abstracts and indexing preprints will appear in CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS, CAplus, and associated databases.
A: One example of how we are unique is that STN is the only service that offers both CAplus and the Derwent World Patents Index.
Users retrieving a bibliographic record in the CA or CAplus file will see cited references in a separate Reference field that identifies the document's author, publication reference, and, if available, a link to the complete database record in the CAS files on STN.