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CAPNCommission Administrative Paritaire Nationale (French: National Joint Administrative Committee; education system; France)
CAPNChild Abuse Prevention Network (est. 1995; Life Network Engineering Technologies, Inc.)
CAPNComputer Automated Practical Navigator
CAPNChemotherapy-Associated Peripheral Neuropathy (cancer)
CAPNCustomer Account Profile Number
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Single nucleotide polymorphisms in CAPN and leptin genes associated with meat color and tenderness in Nellore cattle.
The Senior Citizens Club of Leicester is offering the following trips for the next two months: April 11, Foxwoods and Capn Jacks; May 13, Mohegan Sun & Theatre Show.
Recently, American Express introduced the Card Acceptance Processing Network (CAPN), an upgrade to its global infrastructure that enhances point-of-sale security, supports expanded transaction amounts and incorporates a transaction lifecycle identifier.
The population for this "consulting advanced practice nurse" (cAPN) consisted of any individual starting dialysis as an in-patient in any of the three hospitals within UHN, and one other affiliated hospital, serviced by UHN nephrology consult service.
On 19 October 1839 La Trobe had told his superior in Sydney, Sir George Gipps: 'Upon my arrival here, I fixed upon a suitable spot in the Government paddock, next to that in which Capn L [Lonsdale] resides & took measures to put up my portable cottage & whatever offices were indispensably necessary'.
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