CAPNAColumbia Advanced Practice Nurse Associates (New York City)
CAPNACommunity Action Partnership of North Alabama (Decatur, AL)
CAPNAChild Abuse Prevention Network Aichi (Japan)
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CAPNA is a national group of companion animal practice owners.
and Gibson Dun represented CAPNA in the transaction.
127) The founder of CAPNA, Mary Mundinger, is the Dean of the
2000, at F7 (interviewing an NP and patient at CAPNA in which the NP
Mundinger: There are several good reasons for a practice like CAPNA.
So I think there's going to be a leveling of who does primary care, and if nurses can do it for a less costly public investment, and do it as well and still offer a choice to patients who want a different process in their care, that's why we have a practice like CAPNA.
The patient's going to decide who's going to manage their care, but they need to have some choices, and if they want a different model than traditional medicine, then we've got to have a practice like CAPNA available to them.
Founded in 2010 CAPNA owners are committed to building financially successful practices that can better meet the needs of practice owners, staff members, and the clients and pets they serve.
Nearly all of the CAPNA patients are new to Columbia-Presbyterian, not simply redistributed from Columbia physicians.
The development of the COA's was based on the AAHA Chart of Accounts," adds co-author of the CAPNA COA's, Hugh McCafferty, Senior Consultant with Owen McCafferty, CPA, Inc.
The development of the COA's for VMG groups added another layer of sophistication to Veterinary financial reporting for the profession," comments Owen McCafferty, CFO of CAPNA.