CAPNETCapitol Area Network
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CAPNET is the flagship programme of the United Nations Development Programme for capacity building in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRN).
However, CAPNet showed that the efficiency of energy consumption increased by only 13.6%, as compared to OABC.
(2004); Capnet (n.d.) Hooper (2005) highlighted other factors that need to be considered when developing and applying performance indicators in RBOs.
Recently CAPNET (Component Agent Platform based on .NET) has been developed in .NET.
(2001b): "Epidemiologia de la discapacidad en Gran Bretana": http://usuarios.dis
INX Inc (Nasdaq: INXI) has been selected by CapNet Financial Networks to design and implement a unified communications network for the California-based commercial finance firm.
A real scenario stemming from the CAPNET project is proposed as a case study.
Estos entornos territoriales innovadores pueden darse a escala de las cuencas, lo que permitiria ademas generar una gestion integrada de recursos hidricos, tal como lo plantean varias redes (GWP, CapNet) cuya estructura descansa en la creacion de ambitos propicios, es decir, en un buen gobierno, roles institucionales claros e instrumentos de gestion adecuados.
* CapNet Securities Corp 2500 City West Blvd., Suite 700, Houston, TX 77042, Phone: (281) 493-3849, Web site:
Founding members of the alliance include AT&T, CapNet, Comptel/ ASCENT, Covad, the Information Technology Association of America, and
Details: Jeremy Taylor ( or CAPNET's President Ian Randle in Jamaica ( HYPERLINK