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CAPSIANConsumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering
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Capsian sites are mainly spread through the fairly dry Maghrebi hinterland, the Tunisian and eastern Algerian plateaux, and expand into central and western Algeria during the latest phase, when Capsians also reached the border of the Sahara desert.
The definition already given by McBurney as a local aspect of the Upper Capsian (McBurney & Hey 1955: 272) might be confirmed by the recent 14C dating from site SG-99-41 (11 110 [+ or -] 40 BP), cited above.
Bosch-Gimpera worked out a sequence dating back to an initial cultural group derived from the Capsian culture and living in the Pyrenees in the Late Neolithic (Bosch-Gimpera 1932).