CAPSIT-PDCore Assessment Program for Surgical Interventional Therapies in Parkinson's Disease
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One problem with the original timed tests according to CAPIT, as well as the walking test as it appears in CAPSIT-PD, is that no time limits have been set for their completion.
For these reasons, the hand/arm movement was modified in the CAPSIT-PD. Originally, in CAPIT the time taken to complete 10 movement cycles was recorded, (19) whereas CAPSIT-PD recommends the number of movements completed in 20 seconds be recorded.
Therefore, the value of these tests has been questioned, (18) and this is the main reason they were omitted in the revised CAPSIT-PD protocol.
(5) CAPIT and CAPSIT-PD advocate a 33% improvement in the UPDRS motor score as a criterion for dopaminergic responsiveness.
In addition to the use recommended in the CAPIT and CAPSIT-PD protocols (i.e., for evaluation of novel therapeutic interventions), timed tests are also useful in other, non-interventional clinical research.
Although all timed tests suggested in CAPIT appear useful, only the ones recommended in CAPSIT-PD have been formally evaluated.