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CAPSLCommon Authentication Protocol Specification Language
CAPSLComputer Architecture and Parallel Systems Laboratory (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; University of Delaware; Newark, DE)
CAPSLCannon Printing System Language
CAPSLCommonwealth Association of Public Sector Lawyers (Australia)
CAPSLCommunity Alternative Program for Suspended Learners (Canada)
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In addition to providing a framework for strategic planning, CAPSL is also a means for assessing, for each constituency, the developmental status of service learning on a campus (Bringle & Hatcher, 1996).
Several hypotheses were generated based on previous work on implementing service learning and developing the CAPSL model (Bringle & Hatcher, 1996).
The questionnaire was based on the CAPSL model (Bringle & Hatcher, 1996), which identifies (a) four constituencies and (b) ten activities (see Table 1).
The marginal row means for the matrix show a pattern that supports somewhat the presumed linear nature of the steps from planning to institutionalization in the CAPSL model (see Table 2).
CAPSL also identifies a sequence of activities/tasks/outcomes to be pursued for each of the four constituencies (see Table 1).
TABLE 1 Comprehensive Action Plan for Service Learning (CAPSL) Institution Faculty Students Community Planning Awareness Prototype Resources Expansion Recognition Monitoring Evaluation Research Institutionalization
The sequence of activities identified by CAPSL represents a heuristic that can focus attention on important steps of planned change and program development.
CAPSL describes a model for the development of service learning in universities at the institutional level (see Table 2 for examples).