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CAPSSChaplain Automated Pastoral Support System
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Participants were captured from two CAPSs (in the cities of Pelotas and Cangucu--Rio Grande do Sul), a CAPS--alcohol and other drugs (Cangucu), a Primary Care Unit (UBS) linked to the Catholic University of Pelotas (UCPel) and also in areas with a large flow of people that would allow for the representation of the general population (bus stops, near hospitals and universities).
Q: You've been teaching and leading in K12 schools for almost 40 years, and you were elected as the superintendent of the year for 2012 by the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS).
The Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), the Connecticut State Department of Education (SDE), the Connecticut Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities (P&A) and the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) jointly developed this guide on child abuse and neglect.
Por mais que o decreto da RAPS coloque que a ordenacao do cuidado estara sob a responsabilidade dos CAPSs ou da AB, as politicas de saude mental do MS (1,3) vao nessa direcao de centralidade organizativa da rede e de gestao da clinica nos CAPS e CAPSad.
Neste estudo dois fatores institucionais sao destacados: o primeiro--discussao sobre a depressao entre os profissionais de saude mental revela dados referentes a observacao participante de campo das reunioes de apoio matricial entre CAPSs e equipes de saude mental da AB.
The predominance of services related to the Mental Health area (CAPSs and Convenience Centers) is also evident, when it is considered that 156 professionals (67%) that carry out Matrix Support belong to these activities.
The APS presents a unique opportunity for creating a new approach to care based on CAPSs (10).
The coordinating capacity of CAPSads is also questionable, since these units are generally isolated from other fundamentally important RAS and RAPS services and from the drug support network itself, including APS services, social and community care centres and other even other CAPSs and CAPSads (36).
Neste processo, as equipes de referencia--lotadas nas USs--atuam como responsaveis pela conducao do caso ao longo do tempo, enquanto o apoiador matricial (como especialista que e), podendo estar lotado nos CAPSs, objetiva contribuir na composicao de propostas de intervencao para uma situacao de saude especifica a ser resolvida (5).