CAPTCCommunity Action Project of Tulsa County (low-income support services program; Tulsa, OK; est. 1964)
CAPTCCornwall Association of Parish and Town Councils (UK)
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Within CAPTC, match rates were fixed for all participations with a 2:1 match for homeownership and 1:1 match for all other asset goals.
population with incomes below 200% of the poverty line, CAPTC participants are more likely to be female, African American, single, never married, more educated, and employed (Schreiner et al.
Prior research using CAPTC data interpret a zero balance as indicating that someone dropped out of the program, is yet to start saving, or has successfully completed the program (Schreiner & Sherraden, 2006).
As shown in Table 2, we identified more than one-third of participants in the CAPTC experimental group as reporting a disability at either wave 2 (2001) or wave 3 (2003) of data collection (39%, n = 145).
In other words, a CAPTC participant with a disability saved nearly $330 less than a nondisabled participant during the five years of participating in the IDA program.
Although this is a noteworthy annotation, the exploratory nature of this study limits its ability to fully explain why participants with disabilities saved less in the CAPTC IDA program than participants without disabilities and what implications this may have for attaining their saving goals.
Bank One, CAPTC and TPS announced the program today at a dedication ceremony held at Reed and Frost Elementary Schools.